Founder and Executive Director


Before founding River Valley Arts Collective, Alyson was the executive director of The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (2011–2017) in Ridgefield, CT and, prior to that, Socrates Sculpture Park (2000–2011) in Long Island City, NY

Curator and Director


Before joining River Valley Arts Collective, Candice founded and ran the pioneering Lower East Side gallery, On Stellar Rays (2008–2017) and since then has, through Stellar Projects, been a consultant to private collections and foundations.


Founding Board Members


An internationally acclaimed artist, Mark is also the co-director of Mildred’s Lane—an innovative visual art education and residency program in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania.


Kristen is the Owner/Director of the gallery SEPTEMBER in Hudson, NY—the spirited ethos and activity of SEPTEMBER includes performers, academics, activists, chefs, curators, writers, and other creative thinkers, makers and doers.


An artist and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of creativity, real estate, community development and the environment, Clay is the co-founder of the Steel Yard, an award winning nonprofit organization and urban renewal project that provides workspace, tools, training and education to a community strengthened by creative networks.

Thank you

Athena Foundation
Atlas Industries
Nicole Cherubini and Patrick Purcell
Stef Halmos / Foreland
Al Held Foundation
John B. Koegel, Esq.
New York Foundation for the Arts
The O'Grady Foundation
Richard Salomon Family Foundation
Lenore G. Tawney Foundation
SJ Weiler Fund